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Free Costa Rica Pre-Columbian Museum Walk

Costa Rica Entertainment – The pre-Columbian world is something many people find interesting. Have you ever wondered what it was like back then?

jade museum costa rica 1Museums in San Jose are offering you an experience that goes beyond just seeing artifacts.

Today, October 8, there will be a museum walk route that goes between the Central Bank Museums, Jade Museum and National Museum.

Each of these museums has pre-Columbian art and will also feature musical instruments of our ancestors on display. We can see ocarinas, rattles, bells, flutes and drums.

The museums tour will be guided by experts and best of all it will be free. This event is sponsored by the Historic Center of San Jose. It starts at 1:30 and ends at 4:30.

All ages are welcome. Call 2243-4208 or 224304224 to reserve your spot.

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