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Free Classes for Costa Ricans For Taking Care of the Elderly

Costa Rica News – La Escuela de Oro is a school set up at the National Geriatric Hospital.

It began this 2017 “school year” on February 6th. This first class of the year was a talk about the importance of self-care in the elderly.

The school aims to share knowledge and encourage those taking care of the elderly, whether clients, relatives, parents or grandparents. The program is 15 years old this year.

Classes are held in the auditorium of the hospital on the first Monday of the month. The agenda starts at 9 am.

Specialists in Geriatrics and Gerontology make presentations, sharing advice with those who assist the elderly.

The next class will be Monday, March 6, when advice will be given on the management of sleep disorders. The school aims to strengthen the relationship between the elderly and their families and improve their living conditions.

The program also includes legislation education to protect the oldest in the families.

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