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Forum on Solving Social Problems in Costa Rica

Csota Rica News – “Reto Pais,” or Country Challenge, invites both Ticos and foreigners to come up with solutions to solve social problems. Five suggestions will be chosen to be developed with the advice of entrepreneurs and specialists.

The social problems in need of solutions through this contest by Impactico are the separation and collection of waste, traffic accidents, gender equality in education, and access to culture and recreation.

Those with an idea can propose the solution as an individual, group or organization by completing an online form available at: This contest goes from July 12th to August 9th.

To decide on the winners, various aspects will be taken into account. They include degree of innovation, the extent to which it solves the problem, sustainability over time and scalability.

The top 16 ideas will move to a second stage to develop the ideas further through two weekends of workshops.

Last year, there were 700 entries.

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