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Former Minister of MOPT To Avoid Congress Questioning by Skipping His Appointment

Costa Rica News – Doing business is very hard in Costa Rica. One of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is actually locking down a person to keep a set appointment.  Unless you confirm 20 minutes ahead of time, about 75% of the time the person will either not show up and not call or have the respect to cancel to avoid confrontation.  But I guess you cannot blame them as even the Costa Rica government does this.

costa rica nicaragua border trailThe former Minister of MOPT Francisco Jimenez left the country and wrote an email message that says that Tueday he will not come to Congress for his second appearance to talk about the border  trail irregularities.

Jimenez announced his absence for meeting scheduled for Tuesday by an email, which said he was willing to attend another day, but asked to send written questions and promised to contact them upon his return, without mentioning the date no reason for your trip.

The message was received at 10:07 Monday morning by the commission, which investigates public resource management, procurement and other details of the way the government tried to build in a section parallel to the border with Nicaragua.

So instead of showing up and facing the music and knowing the questions that were to be asked would have made him look bad, he wants the questions before hand and then will decide if and when he will come back and stand in congress.  To The Costa Rican Times, this is pretty much as good as admitting guilt in this complete fiasco willed with government corruption.


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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    As observer this is Costa Rica business as usual. No accountability and thumbing your nose at the legal process. Meantime a road of destruction, cutting hundreds of trees going to ministers friend saw mills. I guess IF I could do it . Cut off all his benefits, vehicle taken back and his salary all frozen. Maybe that would get his attention.

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