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Foreigners Using Costa Rica As A Passage Way Into the USA

Costa Rica News – 6,012 foreigners passed through Costa Rica on their way to the US last year.

NICARAGUAN WOMAN PRESENTS HER DOCUMENTS FOR AMNESTY IN COSTA RICA.Significant numbers came, mostly undocumented, from Cuba, Somalia, Nepal, Ghana and Bangladesh.

Many stopped first in Brazil or Ecuador, countries that don’t require a visa to enter.

At the border from Panama to Costa Rica, they were given appointments to go to headquarters in San Jose to be identified for travelling without a passport. Not one appeared, however.

At the border they have said they are just passing through and not intending to stay in the country. Many have family already working in the States and wish to join them there.

It is an issue that cannot be changed locally, it must be dealt with regionally or else it will just continue as is. And would that really be so bad?

These people are often fleeing bad situations or convinced they can attain a better life. They are contacted by rings of human traffickers in their home countries and made to believe in empty promises.

Many Costa Ricans are involved in transporting or accommodating groups of hopeful, misled immigrants. There are 23 investigations in process.

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