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Forbes Central America To Open Offices in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Are you looking for a potential job at Forbes magazine in Costa Rica? The popular North American business publication, Forbes, is going to be introducing their Central American edition this month with its first issue detailing the wealthiest individuals within the region.

forbes central americaThe info was verified by Max Linares, CEO of Forbes Mexico, who said that the publication should have a regular monthly circulation of 50,000, of which 30,000 will be dispersed equally throughout Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. Meanwhile El Salvador and Honduras will get 7,500 each and Nicaragua will get 5,000 copies.

“The Central American marketplace presents a great opportunity for the launch of a powerful brand at a global level such as Forbes,” Linares said. Much like Forbes Mexico, the Central American edition is going to be printed by the Mexican corporation Media Business Generators SA de CV, that operates via a licensing agreement together with Forbes Media LLC, as per the Forbes Mexico web site. This particular deal, that started in Mexico in 2012, required a $25 million dollar financial investment for the magazine in Central America.

Forbes is actually opening up offices in Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic – the magazine currently features foreign correspondents in each one of the Central American nations. As stated by Linares, numerous local businesses are going to be in charge of the Magazine’s distribution.

In Costa Rica, for instance, the publication is going to be to be found in the chains Auto Mercado, Vidi, Casa de las Revistas and, as in the rest of Central America, in airports, golf clubs, banks and other businesses. The marketing and advertising will taken care of directly by Forbes Central America.

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