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FLYING FITNESS Studio, A Workout that Defies Gravity

Costa Rica News – Escazu, Costa Rica — Flying Fitness Studio announces a ground breaking concept of yoga fitness fusion to Escazu, using zero gravity to sculpt your body to perfection and restore a natural state of balance.

Last week’s inauguration opened the doors to the public to view demonstrations directed by Roya Siroospour, Miami’s top fitness programmer for Crunch Fitness.  The studio’s team of instructors and personal trainers performed various techniques from the newly launched yoga and fitness programs now available at the studio.  Membership promotions, free giveaways and an outstanding live show by Michelle Gonzalez awed the attentive audience of Escazu & Santa Ana locals.

This week the studio is hosting healing & energy work sessions from a special guest, Tibetan, Dhargya Lobsang. He practices ancient Tibetan healing techniques for energy releases; truly an experience beyond words.

This innovative studio follows a trend from cutting edge fitness centers in top US cities by offering a unique fusion of aerial yoga, Pilates, dance, suspension and high intensity training with the core focus of body sculpting and balanced health.  The menu of classes includes Unnata Aerial Yoga, Pole Fitness, TRX suspension & Rip Training, The Bar Workout, Insanity Program, Ballet and Kid’s programs. Zumba and Pilates will be launched in the near future. Personal fitness and nutrition plans are available to assist members in reaching their individual health goals.  Nutritional counseling, Thai Massage, a venue for birthday and bachelorette parties and a boutique featuring Lululemon complement the class offerings.

Flying Fitness Studio is thrilled to be the first studio in Escazu to introduce Unnata Aerial Yoga, a new form of yoga which uses a silk hammock to achieve traditional yoga positions (asanas).  Through the use of gravity, positions are deepened and become effortless leading students to a more advanced practice, safely.  Unnata Aerial Yoga gets you in shape, while realigning your spine from the compression of gravity.  Experiencing Unnata Aerial Yoga is completely possible for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Flying Fitness Studio flew in the only certified Spanish speaking master teacher  of Unnata Aerial Yoga from Madrid, Spain for an eight day intensive training program  to exclusively certify the instructors of the studio.

The studio, located at Plaza Florencia (Bagelmans’s) in Escazu  has been custom designed for equipment to hang from above, anchor on the walls and provide supports such as the ballet bars to reduce the need for  bulky workout equipment.  This state-of-the-art design creates a fresh and open atmosphere in the studio and a clean space to clear the mind to focus on sculpting your body to perfection.   For those tired of large competitive classes and big noisy gyms, this studio offers an exclusive and private setting where students receive personalized attention.

Flying Fitness Studio is owned and operated by long time Costa Rican resident, Harmony Hoefner.   Originally from Aspen, Colorado, Harmony  has an extensive background in the fitness and health industry as a former competitive athlete, extreme sports enthusiast and yoga instructor.   She has hand selected the top instructors and trainers from the area and offers continuing education from leading fitness professionals from all over the world; New York, Miami and Spain.  Harmony has lived on the beach in Costa Rica for eleven years and has relocated her family to Escazu to open this studio because of the greater mindfulness of fitness and healthy lifestyle amongst the surrounding residents of Escazu and Santa Ana.

Take advantage of the Costa Rica After Dark discount card at the studio with a 20% Discount on Drop in Rates and 10% Discount on Package Rates. Check out All Discounts Here.

To sample a free class in the studio contact Harmony at: [email protected]  or call 8706.4388. Become a fan of the studio on Facebook at and “Check In” at your upcoming visit to the studio to receive a 20% discount on your next package or class purchase. Flying Fitness Studio is located in Escazu, Plaza Florencia (Bagelmans) near to Centro Commercial Al Paco.

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