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Flowergirl of Cool & The Haunted Woodland Home

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Below is our investigation of Flowergirl of Cool, CA. Flowergirl was a known love child of the 60s and something traumatic happened to her, where she had to commit suicide off Foresthill Bridge aka Suicide Bridge. The next story is our investigation of a haunted home in Woodland.

One of the most famous ghosts of Cool, California is ‘Flowergirl’. Flowergirl in 1967 took her life by jumping off the Foresthill Bridge aka Suicide Bridge. Special Note: Witnesses says that they either see Flowergirl picking flowers alongside the highway, or holding flowers or tossing flowers into the air.

The Foresthill Bridge on SR 49 over the North Fork American River is the highest (deck height) bridge in the U.S. state of California and the fourth highest in the United States. It is sometimes referred to as the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge or the Auburn Bridge. There has been many deaths associated with the Foresthill Bridge aka the Suicide Bridge. Accidental deaths by bungee jumping and suicides have taken place on this bridge. Flowergirl is another casualty of Suicide Bridge. It is rumored that Flowergirl was distraught and high on LSD, when she made that fatal plunge. Flowergiri can sometimes be seen hitchhiking with her blonde pig tails and worn out jeans. Flowergirl has also been seen walking alongside the road with her head down. Foresthill Bridge is also known to Hollywood. It is the bridge that can be seen in the beginning of the action movie xXx in which Vin Diesel’s character Xander Cage is seen driving a stolen red Chevrolet Corvette off of it, then jumping from the car mid-flight and parachuting to his accomplices at the bottom of the American River Canyon. It also appears in a montage sequence toward the end of the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.

The first post office was established in 1885. Penobscot Public House, established in 1850, was a way station and stage coach stop during the days of the Gold Rush. The famous Penobscot Ranch still exists today. Today the historic site, including the house built during the days of the Gold Rush and the barn built in 1923, can be viewed by driving down Highway 193 four miles outside of the business center of Cool. Cool offers residents and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful rural residential environment, including small restaurants, as well as the Auburn State Recreational Area which is open to the public for hiking and horseback riding.

There is no clear history of how the town came to be called Cool. Some locals believe that a beatnik named Todd Hausman coined the name in early 1947 on a cross country road trip, and appended it to the town. However, some local historians claim that the town was named during the days of the Gold Rush after a man named Aaron Cool, though no records exist about him.

Jerry Pozo is a resident of Cool and a docent at Coloma State Historical Park who began researching the origin of Cool, CA in 2010. His research with the Chief Archivist of the Methodist Church, California History Library, and Huntington and Bancroft Libraries turned up a Reverend Peter Y. Cool whose mining career near Cave Valley was documented in his journal in Pacific Historian 10 (summer 1966 pages 19-42): Goodness Gold, and God, The California Mining Career of Peter Y. Cool 1851-52. He is the one and only itinerant preacher that shows up in El Dorado and Amador County records from 1850’s-70s. Another local preacher from Placerville, Reverend C.C. Pierce was a preacher and lawyer who spoke fluent Latin and Hebrew. He may have called Peter – Brother Aaron which means “of the mountains” and thus the confusion of the name of Aaron Cool. They are surely one and the same.

12/27/2014: On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Hi-Pee the Corky, Princess Hannah the Pekinese and me, Paul Dale Roberts did an impromptu investigation of the Foresthill Bridge and the town of Cool, California. Even though our investigation did not turn up anything significant, I do have the feeling that Flowergirl probably does haunt the town of Cool and with the many deaths of Foresthill Bridge, this bridge has to be haunted with residual and intelligent haunting activity. The dogs did their own exploring and we did some unexpected stops for the dogs so they could stretch their legs and conduct their ‘business’, like the Denny’s in Newcastle, we also explored the haunted town of Auburn, which is next to Cool, CA.

Now to our investigation in Woodland….


See Some Woodland Videos & Pictures at Below Link


3/31/2017 – 9pm Paranormal Investigation
Date to be there: March 31st, Friday. Time to be there: 9pm. Contact Person: Jackie VonDorsten. Location to be at: Woodland, CA 95776. Activity: Constant smell of cigarettes, no one smokes. Husband feels like something is following him all the time and bad luck happens to him all of the time, he feels he has a curse.

4/1/2017 – 5pm Paranormal Investigation
Activity: Audrey Bailey’s husband has an entity that is following him around and harassing him. Address: Apt b54, Sacramento, CA. THIS INVESTIGATION WAS CANCELED BY THE OCCUPANTS, THEY SAID THEY HAVE A FAMILY EMERGENCY.

At the apartment complex that the occupants live at, there was one homicide. Jealous boyfriend kills cheating girlfriend. There was also a sexual assault at the apartment complex. Since the investigation was canceled, we will not be able to determine if the murder has anything to do with the haunting at Bailey’s apartment.


Robert Oliver; Bonnie Muir-Waldron; Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Sensitive and Co-Owner; Radha Elam; Wendy Hughes; Xandean Smith; Annette Avila Nunez; Paul Dale Roberts – Co-Owner.

Jackie & James VonDorsten

The investigators investigated every bedroom and room in the house. No EVPs were obtained. We captured some orb pictures, but we could not prove that the orbs had intelligent movement. Deanna felt strong energy at the side of the house. I tried to get EVPs, but the wind and the cars going by caused too much noise pollution. The occupants tell us that a young man was shot by the police in the area that Deanna identified as having intense energy. While standing at the side of the house, I felt a finger go up my leg. That finger I felt could have been a bug. Robert, Annette felt dark energy in the back rooms. After the investigation Deanna cleared the house of negative energy by smudging the home with a smudge wand that contained cinnamon and sage. Thank you for the coffee Jackie! Deanna left Jackie a care package that consisted of: smudge wand; candles, candle burner that reads – this home is always blessed. Special Note: Radha notified me that she left at 11pm, because she felt drained of energy. Could the entity in this home have drained her? Entities are known to feed off energy. Wendy felt opposing energy, but she brought on some positive energy to combat the opposing energy.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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