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First Carbon Neutral Costa Rica Electricity Co

Costa Rica News – The first electricity company to get certified as carbon neutral in all of Latin America is Coopelesca, the Rural Electric Cooperative of San Carlos.

Coopelesca costa ricaThey succeeded in achieving 100% clean energy production.

They were awarded by Minae, the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The company was spoken highly of. They are an example for all of the electric utility companies. Hopefully more will follow the example and go green.

Clean energy is important for the country and the world. Coopelesca’s strategy for going carbon neutral was to go about it by offsetting their carbon through the National Forestry Financing Fund.

The energy cooperative has not only offset in this way, but has also worked in reforesting former pastures and on a plan to increase social responsibility in their communities of operation.

They began striving for the carbon neutral goal from the start of their 22.4-megawatt hydroelectric plant, which began in 2013, in Heredia. They plan to continue this mission by certifying a new plant as carbon neutral, in 2014.


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