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Finding & Dating a Good Costa Rican Woman

Costa Rica News – There are many men that come down to Costa Rica in their 50s and 60s that are seeking that piece of arm candy to take home (more like adopt), usually 20 to 30 years younger than them to satisfy some midlife crisis.  The truth is most Costa Rican men (boys) do not mature until they are about 50 years old so it is ingrained in many Costa Rica women to seek the older man for maturity and stability. 

If you are looking for a trashy girl or one that is just after your money then head downtown, flash some cash, and theybeautiful costa rican women will flock to you until all your cash is gone. I have heard many times women say that girl is “in the  business of gringos”, that’s right guys you are just like the guys that go to strip clubs and think “the girl really likes you”. If you are looking to find any desperate girl hit the Del Rey area of San Jose, Costa Rica and you will be able to get your dose of paid for sex whenever you want for about $100. This article is more geared towards those of you guys looking to find an actual relationship in Costa Rica that can possibly last for awhile.

First are a few rules:

  • Say no to prostitutes because you won’t change them. Look for girls around your age (more than about 12 years difference is too much) and with something in common with you. Insist on finding a girl who is responsible and educated. If you find a girl that fits those guidelines go ahead and say hi but if not run away before you get attached to something that wastes your time.
  • Look for girls who you can see doing something real. I mean outside of a club or bar when they are not trying to get attention. If you are always finding prostitutes you are in the wrong place. Only 2% of the 2 million women here are prostitutes. Look elsewhere, like at a yoga, cooking, or other hobby class or one of the best places the gym.
  • Get a basic understanding of Spanish. Some flash cards will help. Most importantly learn some verbs in present, imperfect, and future progressive tenses. Those three tenses will allow you to have a fluid conversation even if you have to fill in some blanks with sign language or pointing. At least they will get the idea- for example, that you ate already, are going to eat a lot soon, or want to eat now.
  • Find someway to learn the culture of the women you are interested in. Watch the news in Spanish, take a trip to stay with a local host family, and get to know different areas of the country. Make sure you like the country and culture or you will soon get bored of the girl you worked so hard to find!
  • Lastly, go places where girls are. Meet locals who can introduce you to more friends. Go to a gym, a mall, or a park. Generally, make yourself available and noticeable and the right girl will come along.

There are good girls in Costa Rica as long as you are in the right places and giving off the right vibe.  If you are just looking for sex with a young latina or want to buy yourself a bride you can find that in Costa Rica too.  It is all about the places you go to and the people you  associate with.


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