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“FIFA Virus” Strikes Costa Rica’s Soccer Team

Costa Rica Sports News – Costa Rica’s Tricolor is one of the many FIFA teams that has struggled with excessive injuries this year.

fifa_virusThe injuries have been so widespread that it’s become known as the “FIFA virus.”

Players from various teams come together to play against other nations and return to their teams with muscle problems or other injuries that negatively affect their performance.

The Sele is affected, having lost Yeltsin Tejeda and Junio Diaz. Torn thighs, injured hamstrings and cracked ribs are happening with too great a frequency.

23 players are injured, spanning the most important teams in the world.

UEFA conducted a scientific study regarding the injury rate and found that it is extremely important to rotate the players because as they get close to 1,000 hours of playtime including training and games, injuries become four to six times more likely.

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