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FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Starts Negatively for Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sports News – With the focus on Brazil 2014, many have overlooked the World Cup 2014 that’s happening right here in Costa Rica, for the Women U-17. It’s underway right now and is the fourth edition of the event. The young players are ready to prove their technique. Since it first started in 2008, attendance has grown tremendously.

costa rica u-17 world cup soccer 1France is the current title holder but won’t defend it since they didn’t qualify this year. The trophy is up for grabs. The USA was in second place in 2008 but also failed to qualify, after losing to Mexico. Italy and Zambia qualified for the first time and 7 other nations will be back for their fourth straight chance. There are 16 teams competing in total, over 21 days.

In their first game, Costa Rica lost to Venezuela, who scored three goals in the second half. Priscilla Bermudez had a great free-kick but missed the goal by just inches. Sofia Varela was in the spotlight for making things hard for the Venezuelans. Franyely Rodriguez blocked the impressive long shot from Costa Rica’s Emilie Vallenciano. The match was over with Lourdes Moreno’s high shot from outside the penalty area. Costa Rica will get another chance on Tuesday at 8pm, when they play Italy.

They will need to get a point in that match if they have any hope to get past the group stage.  The fans came out it droves to support the home team but they were unable to pull out any points in the first match of the tournament.

Coach Juan Diego Quesada is optimistic, despite their loss against Venezuela in the opening game. Their goal, he said, is to progress from the group stage, which would be a first for Las Ticas. In any case, the girls will remain proud to have represented their country at an international tournament.


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