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FIFA Investigating CR for Assoholic Behavior

Costa Rica News – I am not one to make excuses for the USA loss to Costa Rica during the World Cup Qualifying match about a week ago.  The team that played better won that night.  Costa Rica came in fired up for revenge for the “snow game” and got it. The two goal differential and not having Bradley on defense was too much to overcome for the USMNT.

All of this being said it does not excuse the assoholic behavior that the USA team was submitted to during their Costa assoholic behavior 1Rica visit.  Yes it snowed in the the USA and the game could have been called but it was played and Costa Rica lost.  Sportsmanship allows someone to take a loss, learn from it and move on.  Obviously grudges are held for a while in in the hearts of many Costa Ricans, especially when it comes to soccer.

FIFA is taking an interest in these actions as well.

Things for which FIFA is not investigating Costa Rica:

  • Denying the USMNT priority immigration at the airport, forcing them to walk through a hostile crowd.
  • Denying the USMNT access to recommended practice facilities.
  • Denying the USMNT access to the balls that would be used in a game.
  • Rumors of a city-wide plan to slow traffic, blocking the USMNT bus’s route to the stadium.

Things FIFA is investigating, according to various Costa Rican reports collected by Soccer By Ives:

  • Whistling and booing during the U.S. National Anthem.
  • Shining laser pointers at American players.
  • Cutting off Clint Dempsey’s microphone as he read a statement about fair play.
  • This dive, by noted Costa Rican Joel Campbell:

A Costa Rican official said FIFA could potentially force the Costa Rican team to play their next home qualifier, against Mexico, in an empty stadium.

I am not questioning the fact that Costa Rica won the game but if the Costa Rica team arrived to the USA and they were treated the same way that the US Team was treated in Costa Rica they would be crying to high heaven about mistreatment.

Yes it snowed during the game on US soil but they was an act of God and was not in anyone’s control…….the assoholic behavior in Costa Rica was in their control.


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