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Festival de La Luz (Festival of Lights) Costa Rica Christmas Event

Costa Rica News – With Thanksgiving about to be over, what better time to bring up Costa Rica Christmas events and Costa Rica Christmas traditions. One that everyone should try to go to at least once is the Festival de la Luz (Festival of Lights) in San Jose.

Costa Rica is known for small towns throwing huge annual festivals. Throughout the year there is an abundance of activities like parades and fairgrounds. One that I have been lucky enough to experience is called “Festival de la Luz” or Festival of Lights. It’s truly spectacular. I have seen some nice parades in my life such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. I believe Festival of Lights is even better than that!

Festival of Lights celebrates the end of the year here in Costa Rica. In 2012 it will take place on December 15th at 6 p.m. Any questions about it can be addressed to the Municipality of San Jose at 2547-6013 or you may check out their Facebook page

You can take your whole family, all your friends, and a couple of folding chairs (if you get there early enough to have room for a chair!) to Paseo Colon on the west side of San Jose. You will want to go early and bring food and drinks with you. I’m not one to like crowds but for this amazing entertainment it’s worth braving the multitudes of people.

You will see a parade that lasts for hours and consists of floats, costumes, fireworks, live music, dancing, and of course the theme song which you will be singing into the new year! Each year there are contests for the best bands and floats. There are awards for the brightest float, the most creative, the best light effects, and the one which has the best effect on the kids. One of last year’s best was based on the movie Mulan. I bet your jaw will drop at the elaborate creations going down the street! Don’t miss the last few minutes- they are even better than the rest!

Kerry La

If you are coming to Costa Rica for Christmas and can spare a little room in your carry on or if you are already here in Costa Rica, please open your heart to our “Smiles for Christmas” program to help support abused and disabled children at a local orphanage.  Read More Here.

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