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Faulty ICE Internet and Cell Network Wednesday Afternoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well I can only hope that no one was on the way to a meeting and got lost yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, if the directions past the place where the gas station used to be and the 3rd street past the blue house with the white gate did not quite get you there most likely you were not able to call and ask for better directions. 

Throughout the greater metropolitan area of San Jose Kolbi ICE internet and phone service was shoddy at best.  The correct word would be straight shite.   As always ICE customer service did not know what was causing the problem nor when it would be fixed.  And like all problems associated with government entities in Costa Rica that response has to be both accepted and expected.

The problem started about 3:45 PM and seemed to consist up to about 7 pm in the evening.  Hope no one had to confirm dinner reservations.  Like most appointments in Costa Rica, there will be an excuse on why someone was not there and of course no apology.

Customers of other carriers were not as affected by the fault, as seen in Facebook and Twitter.

The press office of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) said they still have no official data on the causes of the incident. And they are not sorry nor will they give any type of credit for their errors. Welcome to Costa Rica.



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