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Father is Killed to Defending his Son in Fight in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News –  There are some situations that you just need to leave alone.  I know growing up I got in fights from time to time but they were just fist fights and no real danger of getting killed. In Costa Rica there is a real threat of being killed in any fight that starts down here especially one that involves drugs or alcohol. The only time Costa Rican guys have balls and even less brains than they usually do (if that is possible) is when they are messed up.

A 59 year old man was killed Sunday night when he apparently tried to defend his son in a fight. The victim was identified by authorities as Carlos Saenz Gutierrez.

The attack occurred at about 5 pm in Llanos de Santa Lucia in Paraíso de Cartago. I guess the drugs and alcohol started early on Sunday.

Carlos Cascante, Fuerza Publica officer, reported an alert was issued for an alleged disturbance. However, when the police arrived on the scene found a man with a knife wound on the street.

Cascante reported that the attack occurred in front of the house where the victim lived. He said that, apparently, a man came to collect a debt Sáenz’s son, so they started to argue.

At that time, the father tried to intervene to defend his son and was stabbed in the chest.

“Looks like it was an argument over drugs and money.  We are investigating with the OIJ ” he said.

The victim died while being transferred by ambulance to the hospital Max Peralta in Cartago.

Police reported that the assailant, named Flettes, was inside the house. Knowing that he could buy his way out of the situation or that the police would not be able to make any charges stick he was at home after stabbing a man.

The Judicial Investigation arrested him and took him to the Attorney General.

The arrested has a history of assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated robbery and resistance of arrest. And of course he is just roaming the street free as whistle.

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