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Families, Beaches & Pets; Vacation Time in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – It’s a season of spending time with loved ones. Many families, couples and groups of friends have headed to the beaches to camp out or enjoy a nice hotel for a few days.

dogs on beach costa ricaMost all beaches and hotels are full this time of year.

Some families were seen spending the day with all members of the family, pets included. There were dogs chasing toys, swimming with the humans of the family and making friends with other dogs.

There were groups of teens playing frisbee in the water and kids learning to ride the waves. Surfers had the time of their lives. The romantics walked along the seashore hand in hand. Others read books and played on smartphones.

Some posed for pictures and others refused to stop the action for a photo. One group was busy floating on an air mattress.

The environment was full of energy. The whole scene was like a postcard.

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