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Falling in “Love” With a Costa Rica Prostitute

Costa Rica Living – Gentlemen, you may feel like you are falling in love or falling for her great looks but in fact you are falling for her trap. Older gringos are exactly their target. The nice words they say to you are just to get your wallet open!

costa rica prostitutesYou will find these girls in every tourist nightspot and attached to every old guy. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica so if that’s what you’re looking for then go for it! You may find yourself treating one of them like your girlfriend. Beware! She is not your girlfriend. To them you are just a regular customer paying their bills. It’s not real!

Keep in mind that many will lie to you. They will say they are new at this, that you are the only one, or even lie about their occupation. This is especially true if they find out you live here! They want you to save them from a life of poverty or hooking. Truth be told many of these women do not . want to leave this life as making money laying on their backs or on their knees is easier than having to work hard and make something of themselves.

Many of these women have 2,3, or 4 kids.  Usually one from a Costa Rican guy that they thought they loved when they were around the age of 15, who left them during their pregnancy.  Also they usually have one with a gringo that they thought would financially support them. If that first gringo didn’t work then they continue to pop out kiddos until someone does financially support their lifestyle.  You will not only be supporting the prostitute you will be supporting her kids fro other fathers and her mom and her aunts and anyone else that she can get money for in her family.

They may make you see them as tourists as well and have you believe that you both found spontaneous love and should live together. Relationships that start on a lie are going to fail. Many times the help you think you are giving her, say $100 per week, will not stop her from looking for more elsewhere. It’s not real. And it’s not love, this “Love Costa Rican Style.”

Have you seen an older white guy walking through the town or mall with a girl on his side who is 25 years younger than him? It’s pathetic that he thinks he is lucky and that she really likes him. If there are generations between you it won’t work! With nothing in common, why waste time? It should be clear that she is only after the money. He should guess that she makes fun of him behind his back!

The good news is that if you set your mind on avoiding this type of “love” you may find a true one. This dark scene of prostitution is made up by only 1 percent of Costa Rican women. Look for someone during the day, who is your own age, and who is middle class. There are plenty of great, real, available women who don’t charge.

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