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Fake Vet in Prepared for Fighting Dogs in His Home

From home, a fake veterinarian ran a clandestine clinic where you had to cut dogs ears injected with steroids, all in order to prepare them for fights.  He himself possessed a dog of american stafford race, which was seized by police yesterday. Also a puppy of the same race and a bull terrier.

The subject is named Reyes was arrested yesterday in Colonia Kennedy of San Sebastian in San Jose.

Authorities found a photo with his dog, Saddam, killing another dog it appears. In others, Reyes is the pictures with bodies of dead animals.

In addition, they confiscated drugs of unknown origin because, as indicated by the representatives of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA), special permits are required to obtain and market.

The individual also possessed illegally, Fuerza Publica uniforms.

Reyes was transferred to the Public Ministry on charges of animal cruelty and illegal practice of the profession.

The capture Reyes was part of an operation carried out by SENASA, supported by Operational Support Group (GAO) of the security forces of San José.

The officers seized a total of six dogs: the three who were in the “clinic” of Reyes and three others who were in two houses located on Calle Las Fallas and Homeless tables.

They found an animal that had apparently recently participated in a fight as it had bite marks and other wounds on the neck and legs.

“It’s a ring to fight, we do not doubt. In addition, people at the scene said that the weekend was out of these activities, “said Allan Sanchez, head of SENASA.

The official stressed that this is one of the most successful operations against animal cruelty.

He explained that the owners have three days to make a legal claim.

“Then the animals were doing psychological evaluations to determine whether they are fit to put them up for adoption,” said the chief.

He noted that, ultimately, are sacrificed.

Sanchez also noted that dog fighting not only harm animals, but they affect society. “It’s a cycle of violence, we have reports that children have been practicing these struggles, we know of traumatized children,” he said.


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