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Fake Medical Report Scam in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Medical reports needed for a license should cost over ¢20,000. If they don’t, there is a good chance they are fake.

These false “dictamenes medicos” are often offered on the street for low prices.

This alert was initially issued by authorities of the College of Physicians, on Tuesday morning. The person doesn’t usually know it was a scam until arriving to get the license.

The worker then informs him or her that the exam is not registered in the system.

Only doctors registered with the College of Physicians can perform the exam. They then enter the information and digitally transfer it with a link to the person’s ID number. The document is valid for 180 days.

There are a number of ways to notice if the exam and paperwork offered are false. The price should be at least ¢20,000. They should not be performed on the street or in any shady place. The doctor should actually examine and interview you, not just give you the papers.

You should receive a confirmation to your email from [email protected].

Lastly, you could check if the professional is incorporated by calling 2210-2263.

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