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Failure of Witnesses to Appear May Mean No Justice for Jairo Mora

Costa Rica News – On Monday it was revealed that four of the people summoned to testify in the Jairo Sandoval Mora trial are afraid to testify because they are from the Caribbean and the accused know them.

jairo mora sandoval costa rica murder 1The four have moved to other areas of the country and are not able to be located. Legal possibilities to transfer them to the court are being considered. Aside from those four, who are a man, a woman and two children, there will be a video statement from a Spanish woman who had accompanied Jairo on the night he was murdered.

There are another three witnesses who are Americans and have left the country after giving written statements.

These will be incorporated in the trial as the prosecution is unable to locate the three of them.

All of the defendants failed to show up to the first day of trial. Seven OIJ officers will testify, as they were in charge of the investigation.

There may be insufficient evidence without the rest of the witnesses.

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