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Faebook Sex Video Scam Being Used on Costa Ricans

Costa Rica News –  For once the scam being run is not locarted in Costa Rica it is actually scamming Ticos.

A group has been charging Ticos up to $5,000 not to divulge their sexual videos on Facebook.

The network runs this scam from the Ivory Coast. They send a friend request from an attractive woman.

The profile was opened just days ago and the person is unknown to the victim who falls for the idea that this stranger in a bikini wants to be friends.

Next, the lady talks to the guy on Skype and the conversation turns to sex. They exchange intimate videos. Soon enough the man is told his family and friends will see the video if he doesn’t send the money, which sometimes is $100 and sometimes up to $5,000. A

dditionally, they threaten to send the video to his job if he was wearing his work logo in the video. They ask for a second payment after receiving the first. Then they give up.

The OIJ wants to alert the public to this scam in order to prevent further cases. If you are involved, they suggest you don’t pay anything and do report it to the OIJ.


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