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Facebook “Place Tips” Gives Location Based Recommendations

Technology News – Do you want to know what restaurants are good in the area? Which night club is off the hook? Where to buy some local cuisine? Then Facebook might have added something that you want to check out.

facebook-place-tipsFacebook on Thursday launched a new feature for its iPhone users: Place Tips, location-based Yelp-like recommendations that pop up at the top of your News Feed when you open the app.

Nearby places that your friends have checked into or posted about will appear, and if you choose to investigate the link, you’ll be shown pictures of the place, hours, menu items and so on.

Of course, this means the app will have to keep an eye on your location at all times if it isn’t already, which some may not mind but others can’t abide.

You can turn it off in the “Location” area of the settings screen if you’re worried.

The company is also working on setting up the service to work with its own Bluetooth beacons, which it’s distributing to a few landmarks and businesses in New York City to test.

The feature is only for iPhone at the moment — no word on when or if it’ll come to the Android Facebook app.

Head to the App Store to check for a new version and Place Tips should be baked in.

—Devin Coldewey,

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