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Facebook Looking to Expand It’s Influence in Central America & Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Facebook has taken notice of the growth in development in Central America.

facebok expansion costa rica 1With strong mobile technology infrastructure more and more people in the region are looking to connect via channels like Facebook.

The business market can also benefit from the many services Facebook offers. These tools are offered to companies big and small and can quickly turn a local company multinational because of the amount of people connected on Facebook.

There are currently 1,400 million Latin American subscribers, with an average of 250 friends each. Facebook’s click to call buttons and advertising options are becoming more readily used in Costa Rica.

The user’s likes, dislikes and interests are tracked and ads are targeted to each person individually, helping businesses reach their intended audience and potential customers.

Facebook makes clusters of people with similar interests and sends them information that is useful to them.

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