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Fabrizzio Berrocal & Costa Rica at Fashion Week in New York

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica will have a presence at Fashion Week in New York. 

Fabrizzio Berrocal  fashion week new yorkFabrizzio Berrocal is taking a piece of Costa Rica with him to Fashion Week in New York this February 10th. His work was selected back in December to be showcased in the Epson Couture Show.

Berrocal’s entire collection is inspired by the natural wealth of his country. He infuses the peace and harmony of nature into his fashion style. There are 12 pieces in total, creating four looks.

Some of his pieces were inspired by jaguars, raccoons, orchids and tigers. The concept shows confidence and sophistication. It’s tones of blues, greens, reds and oranges are perfect for autumn and winter.

Although four outfits doesn’t seem like much, each is very complex. He has developed a completely unique idea of new prints on fabrics. Six people were involved in making his creations.

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