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Extreme Pura Vida; Downhill Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – We spent our Saturday shooting two of the best DHI riders in the region. Álvaro Hidalgo and Roberto “Teto” Castillo got together this weekend for a special session at Álvaro’s backyard park in San Ramón, Costa Rica. 

p4pb10963426Costa Rica has, without a doubt, some of the world’s most impressive locations for mountain biking, and these two have seen it all. Álvaro organized his first race in early in 2001, in his backyard! This was the first race in the country after close to five years of DHI being asleep in Costa Rica. He brought DHI back to a large community of mountain bikers who were hungry for speed. Since then DHI has been very much alive in a country blessed by its rugged terrain and smiling people. 

Teto and his brother Carlos Castillo host the Copa Ciclón, the country’s main DHI multi-staged cup. Copa Ciclón turned 11 this year.

Today, there are nearly 400 active riders in the country and three main events: Copa Ciclón, Costa Rican Championship and the Central American Championship. As events continue to flourish for, Costa Rica might very well turn into a Mecca for North and South American riders looking for action in the tropics amidst world-class riders.

Pura Vida is every Costa Rican’s mantra. It means full of life and it’s used every time one wants to say that everything is well. So make sure you throw some Pura Vida in your bike box on your next trip to sunny, happy Costa Rica.

by Lead Adventure Media, From – Photography José Andrés Vargas

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