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Exploring Haunted Razor Alley

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Shelf flew across room. Occupants live in 1940s building, it has history. Kitchen phone started playing strange music. TVs turn off and on by themselves. Cat screams for no reason. House blessing required. Contact Person: Debbie Scott. Address to be at: Sacramento, CA


razor alley ghost picturesACTIVITY:
Things fly off the shelves. Sometimes you can smell cooking food in the kitchen and there is nothing cooking. While we were there, there was a strong odor of gas coming out of the kitchen, the smell lasted for 5 minutes. Strong odors of cologne or perfume resonates through the house. Things are heard crashing down on the floor from the kitchen area and when the occupants investigate, there is nothing that crashed to the floor. The occupants lived in this house for 7 years and they were told that there was a fire in the kitchen that happened a few years before they moved in. A white apparition was seen in the house. Animal spirits have also been seen in the house by Debbie Scott. Note: Debbie may be a sensitive. One of the occupants saw a tall dark man in a shadowy form.

At one time, a female entity took one of the little boys that lives in the house into the air. He was actually lifted into the air and felt wonderful after the experience. Occupant Cynthia has nightmares and dire visions. Cynthia also receives unexplained scratches. One of her nightmares, she was being dragged all around the house, the entity was dragging her by her feet.

Next to this home is a long stretch of lawn, with a huge building that has a long tall wall that runs the stretch of the lawn. This area back in the 70s was called Razor Alley. The reason why it was called Razor Alley, because a local gang would hang out back there and they were known to carry razors. It was also known that a man died back in this area. Someone slit his throat. As soon as Rod walked around Razor Alley, he felt a sharp lump on his throat. He knew nothing about the legend of the murder victim of this infamous hang-out.

Rod tells me that before he got to the occupant’s home, he envisioned pink homes. When he arrived, he saw pink homes. Victoria validated this claim that her father visualized the pink homes before arriving.

When taking a picture of Deanna in Debbie’s bedroom, the picture shows a rusty colored puddle on the floor, could this be blood? Deanna tried to recreate the photo and could not. When we asked if the entity caused the blood photo, the entity says “yes”. EVP #1.

Outside at Razor Alley, Rod captures a photo showing a clear vortex by a bedroom window. Rod took another photo and captures what looks like ectoplasm by the window. At this same area, EVP captured: “I’m here – go away” – some investigators/occupants think the EVP says: “I’m here – we’re all here”. The EVPs were pretty clear. EVP #2

Photos were taken showing unusual streaks of light. Karrieann captures a face in the window photo.

Deanna conducted a Palo Santo wood cleansing of the home and I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the home.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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