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Exploring Haunted Frank H. Seymour Park

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Frank H. Seymour is haunted by ghosts and possibly by cryptids.

Hauntd places californiaFrank H. Seymour is a long beltway, the address is 845 Florin Road in the Pocket Area, this beltway park is 57.45 acres. Park extends from Clipper Way and Riverside Blvd. in the north, to Princeville Circle one mile to the south. Installation of the pathway lights at Seymour Park has been completed and new walkways have replaced the damaged ones located on the east side of the park north of the overpass & Florin Road.

When walking on Frank H. Seymour Park and crossing Florin Road and going down the canal way pathways, you are now in the Pocket area. This area of the Pocket area is considered as being very haunted. A literal hotspot for paranormal activity, especially in the area south of Pocket Road and Greenhaven Drive. It is said that some of the homes in this area were built on top of an old Portuguese cemetery. Other homes in this area border next to a levy and may have been built over Indian burial grounds. HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) has investigated 7 homes in this area. One of the homes that we investigated, the occupants were completely terrified, they told the team that dishes have flown out from the shelves. Kitchen cabinet doors would open and shut by themselves. A glowing orange entity in the shape of a blob was roaming their hallway at 2:30am most mornings. A little girl was seen at the foot of the master bed. This little girl had no teeth. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE ORANGE BLOB AND THE TOOTHLESS GIRL.

We did a blessing on this home and the occupants said that the blessing was successful and the haunting stopped. A home in Greenhaven near Frank H. Seymour Park was haunted and HPI investigated and cleansed this home. When stepping out the front door with the occupant, the occupant screamed in delight, because she saw an orb fly in between us and shoot up into the night sky, she knew that the home was now cleansed and there would be no more spirit activity in her home. GHOST IDENTIFIED: GREENHAVEN NIGHT SKY ORB

Lisa Hart of Stockton says that she knows of a ghost that walks around in a bathrobe along Seymour Park. Rumor has it that he was an elderly man that was being taken care of at Eskaton Care Center in Greenhaven and died of oxygen deprivation. His favorite routine while alive was to walk along Seymour Park. Lisa says she is familiar with this elderly man, because he has a family connection to her family. She would walk with him at Frank H. Seymour Park and after he died, she was walking her dog in this park and says that she saw him out the corner of her eye. There has been two other reports from the Greenhaven area of a ghost of an elderly man walking in his bathrobe. They see this ghost at the tunnel at the edge of Frank H. Seymour Park going to Ellsworth C. Zacharias Park. 


Another haunting is a 2 story home that overlooks Frank H. Seymour Park. There has been reports of a woman in her 30s sitting on a lounge chair from the balcony looking at the park. Story goes, that a woman that used to live in this house, died in this house of liver cancer. While she was alive, she enjoyed sitting on her lounge chair on the balcony and watching the people who frequented the park. My wife a sensitive knew nothing about this house, but felt a woman ghost sitting on a lounge chair watching the park. I looked at Deanna and said you are spot on, yes this house has a reputation of being haunted and people have moved in and moved out of this house on a constant basis. Deanna looks at me and says: “she’s still there.”

Some homes in Greenhaven get strange knocks at night. History has it that back in the 70s, there was a burglary ring that the Sacramento Bee called the Greenhaven Door Knockers. They would knock on your door and if no one answered, they would break in and steal from your home. A former ghost hunting group in Greenhaven called the Greenhaven Night Hunters feel that it may be a residual haunting that originates with this burglary ring. Greenhaven Night Hunters investigated a few of these homes that have strange knockings and found no evidence of paranormal activity. I agree with this now defunct group, that most likely it is a residual haunting that these Greenhaven residents are experiencing.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/

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