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Exploring a Haunted Residence

Ghosts & the Supernatural –  I could feel that something wasn’t right tonight. There was something creepy out there and it was probably waiting for us. On this night, is the New Moon says Deanna Jaxine Stinson. At 5:00pm, we will be investigating a private residence.


While investigating, the telephone will ring and no one is there.

Whenever Mark’s mother was mentioned, Deanna felt touching.evp ghost readings

Bonnie was getting goosebumps during certain times of the investigation. Bonnie also felt anxiety and nervousness before the investigation and she usually never feels this way.

Lily picked up on a curse that is on the house. Did she receive this information from Griver?

Abigail picked up on high EMF readings in the kitchen, when the light was on. EMF Readings – may cause one or two things, it can be excess energy for the entity or entities to feed on. It can cause the occupant to feel nauseated and may even cause hallucinations.

In the back bedroom – Bonnie & Abigail obtained 2 whispery EVPs, one was a Class B, clear sounding, but hard to make out the exact words. In the back yard, Abigail and Bonnie obtained 2 more EVPs – but they were Class C.

When I was in the living room, I heard someone jiggling the front door twice, when I opened the door, there was no one out there.

When Deanna was smudging with Red Fern and Eucalyptus throughout the house, she took some time and smudged all of the investigators – when she got to smudging Raymond and Abigail, orbs started flying out from their bodies, then what looked like ectoplasm emitted out of their bodies. During my time as an investigator, with 1000 investigations under my belt, I never seen orbs and ectoplasm come out of the person’s body during smudging. Very weird. This only occurred with Abigail and Raymond. When other people were smudged, no orbs, no ectoplasm. High strangeness indeed.

Lily felt touching and Griver told her that something bad will happen and that he is never going away. Special Note: Deanna feels that Lily definitely has psychic abilities and I was told that she communicates with her deceased great grandfather.

Mark at times feels touching and feels the presence of his mother. Mark also has felt depressed lately and senses that something more sinister has came into his home. He believes that a portal that has brought in his mother and father, also brought in another entity, an entity that has bad intentions.

Raymond says that one time he was watching a movie and the TV switched over and started playing Family Feud, a favorite of Mark’s deceased mother.

Mark has recently been in a bad car accident, his car was totaled out, he has a black eye and bruises on his body from the accident. The accident caused 3 people to be injured. Mark found out he was diabetic and had a diabetic episode that caused the crash. Could this be the bad thing that was predicted in his house that Lilly picked up on from her invisible friend Griver?

Mark’s female friend – told Mark that she felt that his mother was protecting and watching over him, because something bad was going to happen to Mark. This was predicted before Mark’s car accident.

Deanna conducted a palo santo wood / Red Fern / Eucalyptus smudging / house cleansing. I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing. Deanna and I asked for any negative entities to leave, but Mark’s mother and father are welcome to stay.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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