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Experiencing the Art & Culture of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Costa Rica is a top destination for picky tourists because it’s safe, has upscale hotels, and will keep you busy with activities. The culture of this vibrant country mixes with tropical scenery of oceans and volcanoes. It’s no wonder Costa Rica is the most visited Central American country.

costa rica cultureIt is more than just the scenery and nightlife you see pictured in many resources about the country. There is a ton of art and culture waiting to be discovered, with many regional varieties.

Puntarenas has La Casa de la Culture, which has art exhibits, poetry readings, and theater.

Limon has Afro-Caribbean focused art that shows the heritage of this region. They have a week long carnival in October that features a traditional African masquerade.

Music is also blended in Costa Rica. Mexican, African, Amerindian, Latin, and North American influences come into play. Calypso, salsa, reggae, and rock are some popular genres. Traditional folk music is heard at festivals throughout the year and in the Monteverde Music Festival in February/March.

In March or April every year there is a Caribbean Music Festival in Playa Chiquita. There are many cultural dances to try learning. The most Costa Rican of them is bolero criollo, which is danced in a way only found here.

Costa Rica doesn’t have very many internationally acclaimed works of literature. It does have some famous writers, however, like Manuel Arguello Mora who wrote a historical account about William Walker and Juan Rafael who wrote a fairytale that was translated into 11 languages including Braille.

One of the country’s famous painters is Fadrique Gutierrez. He was also a gifted sculptor and architect.

The National Theater is in San Jose and hosts music, drama, and ballet performances from around the world.

There are a plethora of culture to experience in Costa Rica. Each area of Costa Rica has something to offer about its history. Learning about the culture of the land of Pura Vida will only enhance your understanding of the country.


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