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Experience CR’s Jaco & Playa Hermosa (Video)

Costa Rica News – You have not experienced “pura vida” unless you have woken up to a beautiful site of the beach and surfed. It is no secret that people come to Costa Rica for the waves and Playa Hermosa and Playa Jaco are known as the best surfing destinations in the country. These beaches offer the most consistent waves year-round and host surfing competitions.

Playa Hermosa is a small community of private rental houses, hotels and restaurants located beachfront, perfect for surfers. Compared to other beaches, Playa Hermosa attracts experience surfers because the waves tent to be more challenging. This beach has less tourist activity and finding a place to surf won’t be a problem. Jaco beach is one of the most visited places by tourists. Although the town is small it is very active day and night. As you walk down the main street you will find a variety of bars/clubs, restaurants and surf shops, this keeps the beach busy.

Interview with Local Tourists in Playa Hermosa

For those interested in a surfing competition The Backyard Hotel hosts a competition every Saturday at Playa Hermosa. This is a popular event for surfers and tourists. While visitors hang out at The Backyard bar surfer enjoy some of the best waves in Costa Rica. There is an MC keeping the audience updated on the competition and a Dj playing reggae.

Renting a place at or walking distance from the beach can be one of the best experiences when visiting Costa Rica. Often times the people who rent these houses come to Costa Rica to surf but there are other things to do at the beach. If you have not surfed before, surfing lessons are always available somewhere at the beach. Many local surfers are willing to teach tourists for an affordable price. Other fun beach activities include boogie boarding, horseback riding, and watching surfing competitions.

For many tourists the day consists of waking up, walking to their backyard and surfing all day. Anytime you are at the beach there is a high probability that you will meet someone from another country who is in town to enjoy the tropical weather and surf.

Experience Playa Jaco Through Video

By Brenda Sotelo

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  1. Parritaman said:

    As a person who has retired in Costa Rica I fully agree with every fantastic bit of information provided in this site and video. On the other hand, everyone I’ve brought to Costa Rica to visit our home, have indicated that they find the costs of vacationing here very high, or at least the same as in Canada. Out of about twenty people, I haven’t been able to lure even one of them back to visit us. I think that “as Canadians” they have had decades of exposure to the low cost all inclusive vacation packages to Cuba. Bottom line; Costa Rica is the greatest place on earth, if you can afford to be here.

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