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Expect Traffic in San Jose This Week with Protests Against “Illegal” Taxi Service (Porteadores)

Costa Rica News – In July the Public Transport Council decided to reduce the number of permits for a special type of taxi service that can be called instead of the traditional ones. These are known as “Porteadores.”

Fotograf’a:Francisco Rodr’guez.E./La Nacion.

Fotograf’a:Francisco Rodr’guez.E./La Nacion.

On August 3 the official decision from the legal department regarding the legislation to reduce the number of permits was received.

This lead to protests by the taxi union and a legal review of this decision.

The taxi union, in response to this decision, is planning blockades around San Jose next week.

The participants in these potential blockades have indicated that they are willing to accept the consequences.

The analysis by the constitutional and legal director of the presidential house, Marvin Carvajal, concluded that the decrease of 1,238 permits defined by the CTP is legal and a credible ruling.

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