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Expect Some Stormy Weather in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica News – The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) is expecting a tropical wave affect the greater part of the country on Wednesday.

costa rica rainsThe wave is coming from Venezuela and moving throughout the Caribbean.

Rebeca Morera, a meteorologist, stated that the proximity to the Intertropical Convergence Zone will raise humidity from the maritime sectors and some rains will take place on Tuesday afternoon.

Only Guanacaste’s lower regions will remain in a drought, due to El Niño.

The IMN predicts a maximum temperature of 35 Celsius for Guanacaste this Tuesday, on the very same date President Guillermo Solís is to start his tour in the province as part of the official celebration of Nicoya’s annexation to Costa Rica 191 years ago.

Solís will start the tour at Cantón de La Cruz, near the border with Nicaragua, and from there he’ll head to Liberia and Cañas. He is set to return to San José Saturday.

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