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Exhibiting The History of Costa Rica; “The Return of Our Own”

Costa Rica Entertainment – Our prehistoric ancestors left Costa Rica for many reasons, including some that are unknown.

jose diaz la nacion art exhibit 1There is a new expo “The Return of Our Own” at the National Museum that is a tribute to these groups.

It is a fine collection of 100 pieces of pre-Columbian stone, ceramics and jade that were recovered in various ways and are now in custody of the museum to shed light on our history.

The National Archaeological Heritage Act of 1981 states that archaeological property belongs to the Costa Rican State and that Costa Rica is responsible for its careful conservation and protection.

The exhibition will remain open until 2015 and can be viewed Tuesdays through Saturdays from 8:30 to 4:30. and Sundays from 9-4:30.

The cost is ¢1,500 for Costa Ricans and $8 for Foreigners.

Pictures by Jose Diaz La Nacion

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