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Excavating the History of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There’s a wooded area that encompasses thousands of years of history in between the Chirripo and Corinto Rivers. It’s an archaeological site in Guapiles, Limon. This area provides us insight into the pre-Columbian cultures in the Caribbean part of Costa Rica.

Excavating the History of Costa Rica 1The University of Costa Rica’s School of Anthropology is undertaking the task of studying this site. They’ve been doing excavations of 200 acres since 2007.Silvia Salgado is one of the archaeologists. She explains that they have found tombs, stairways, mounds, plazas, aqueducts and even paved roads!

By examining the pottery and various materials found in the sculptures, the team has come to the conclusion that this complex was built in the year 700 AD. The team also identified that humans were there long before the buildings, over 3,000 years ago.

The main purpose of this excavation is to find out just how early the societies became complex and politically organized. They want to learn about how the villages and different societies came to be. They are also intrigued by the prominent decorations such as white paint, orange and red colors, and the unique mirror design in the structures.

One of the objectives was to find out what was on the top floor above 21 steps. They found a tool for manufacturing stone objects.

Slider Photo – Melissa Fernandez Silva, La Nacion

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