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Excavating the History of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A thousand years ago, there were no universities training engineers but people were quite intelligent. Though they didn’t have concrete or steel they found unique ways to build stable homes.

costa rica excavation anthropologyA group from the University of Costa Rica’s School of Anthropology spent five weeks excavating areas of a private plot of land that is 180 hectares and located in Guápiles de Pococí, Limón.

Though ancient civilizations lived on rough terrain and experienced a harsh climate, they had the social and technical skills needed to construct plazas for public events, homes that kept water out, aqueducts, stone paths and tombs.

A precise cross section found on a mound under layers of soil gave a glimpse into how the homes were built and how they were remodeled or expanded upon.

There was a first layer combining river sand and ash perfectly leveled followed by a stable compact layer and a darker land based filling. There was a baked clay floor and a conical roof.

The home was built around a timber column which was later cut down and buried.

Main Picture by  JORGE ARCE, La Nacion

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