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Ex-NBA Stars Coming to Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica – Rodman, Muggsy, Kemp, Grant, Payton and many more luminaries of the best basketball in the world.  The “Legends of Basketball” will be presented in our country on July 28 at the Palacio de los Deportes, the company said Arceyut Productions.

Legends of Basketball will come to the country as part of its Latinamerican Tour 2012.

Figures such as Muggsy Bogues, Travis Best, Shaw Kemp, Jayson Williams, Bonzi Wells, Horace Grant, Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman extrovert will vibrate to the public in Costa Rica with its impeccable basketball.

What’s more to these glories of the NBA are joined by famed street basketball team And1 Street Live.

According to Jorge Quesada said company spokesman Arceyut in the coming days will choose a local team to participate in a small triangle next to these two great teams.

Tickets will cost ¢ 100,000 Diamond town (only 48 seats next to the players), ¢ 75,000 Platinum, gold ¢ 45,000, ¢ 28,000 east and west grandstand and bleachers ¢ 15,000 north and south.

Tickets can be purchased on page www.publitickets, com

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