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Evidence Not Allowed in Murder Trial of Jairo Mora Sandoval

Costa Rica News – We can only hope that the Costa Rican legal system provides some justice in this case.  If for some reason no one is convicted of the crime of killing this environmentalist, the dark cloud of Costa Rica and its “green” image will grow thicker.

31/05/2013. Ambientalista asesinado en Limón. Fotos Diego BosqueThe case of those accused of murdering Jairo Sandoval Mora is in the headlines again because the judge handling the case at the court in Limón has rejected reports by the Judicial Investigation Organization.

The reports in question were meant to show in whose hands the cell phones were during the investigation against the seven accused. They were rejected following the request of the Public Defender.

The justification for the rejection is that the minutes of possession offered at trial were not proven to have undergone judicial review at the intermediate stage. These records are of great importance because they show who was using each cell, even if it were a stolen cell or one in the name of someone else.

The reports also tie the suspects to specific locations by referencing the activation of telecommunication base stations. The trial will continue and it appears that the accused will still be proven guilty without this evidence, as certain transcripts were previously allowed in court.

Let’s hope for justice…….

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