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Evictions to Speed Up in Costa Rica

Costa Rica New – For everyone that has rented an apartment or condo in Costa Rica the laws favored the renters when it comes to eviction.  If you lived in a place and failed to pay rent in the past it could take over a year for the landlord to take the case to court and get you evicted.

eviction costa ricaThis made life for landlords miserable. They basically had two choices they could hope that their tenants actually paid and just hope each month while going through the process of getting them evicted  or they could make life miserable for the tenant and hope they move out.

The second case usually results in the tenant destroying the rental and moving out in the middle of the night.

Representatives approved yesterday, in the first debate, the draft Admonitory Tenancy Act, an initiative that streamlines the process of eviction trials due to nonpayment of rent.

The law also introduces the oral mode for such litigation so it no longer takes years for a court to rule.  The resolution of eviction is given in just months.

We can only hope that this law is implemented and enforced. So many new Costa Rican laws are not.

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