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Even The Police in CR are Burning Marijuana

Costa Rica News – You have to love the fact that the Costa Rican police are now burning marijuana.  If anyone should be burning weed it should be the police right?

costa rica burning marijuanaThe Drug Control Police in Costa rica (PCD) destroyed more than 57,400 marijuana plants during a raid in Talamanca and Limón.

Officials were the the mountains for seven days. The plants were cut and burned, according to the report by the Ministry of Security.

Authorities also detained three individuals suspected of being responsible for the marijuana plantations.

The arrests came after an aircraft of the Air Surveillance Service managed to positively identify the subjects.

52,920 plants were destroyed in Talamanca  and 4,550 plants in Limon.

The detainees were taken to a report to the Office of Limon, where they would be interviewed to determine if requested precautionary measures.

The Security Ministry reported that so far this year, the PCD has destroyed more than 1.2 million marijuana plants on 152 various plantations.

It always surprises me when any government actually takes down marijuana plantations or has other drug busts. This goes for the USA as well as Costa Rica.  If you follow the money that drug cartels give to government officials to allow them to preform business as they need, you will see that these minor busts are just to try to fool the public into thinking there is really a war on drugs.

The truth is there is too much money and power in this industry to drug trafficking to make drugs legal and the kick backs to government are too high to really address the problem.

War on drugs……who are we kidding?

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