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Environment Causing Costa Rica Turtle Deaths

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica presents itself as a “green” country through its campaigns to try to drive tourism to the country.  I do agree that they are trying to keep this image but their actions are showing that changes need to be made and made now if they are going to protect their environment. 

dead turtle costa ricaCoastal Marine System of National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) is reporting a mixture of irregularities in water conditions and sea environment are killing turtles in Golfo Dulce off the Costa Rican coastline.

Some of these conditions include a large amount of fecal matter in the water, a red tide, parasites and illegal fishing activities including long lines. These results are are being presented  to the Environmental Administrative Court and Congress.

President of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA), Luis Doubles told said the report reveals that a total of 106 turtles were found dead, a figure lower than that mentioned by environmental organizations (240) to which the official described as “sensationalist”.

The official said that they did not take a large sample for cause of death only 2 turtles were autopsied and SINAC only autopsied 4.

Doubles said that the Gulf water pollution that is generated from the pollution of rivers by fecal matter and chemical remnants and agricultural waste is disturbing.

Doubles said they are trying to put an agency together to help cut down people fishing with live bait. He then pulled adead_turtle_costa_rica Tico and pointed his finger at the Coast Guard and said it was their responsibility.

Costa Rica, We have a problem!!!

I know that you believe that you can sweep this under the rug and hope it goes away, this pollution is killing your marine life now and will get worse if you don’t provide a solution. You can run internet campaigns showing that you are extremely concerned about protecting you environment but if your animals are dying because you won’t fix your pollution or fishing problems then the truth is going to be revealed.

Costa Rica you have have the chance to make changes now.  It is time.  If these things are not fixed, people are not going to be flocking to your beaches to swim in the poop filled waters or have their children seeing dead turtles wash up on the beach.  You are not the only country people can vacation to and if they leave much of your GNP which is based on this leaves with it.

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  1. hkhuhn said:

    I was in Cartago a month ago at the market and saw a stand selling delicious ceviche…and turtle eggs. So I ask my wife what if I tell those cops over there? She said they would probably come and have some for lunch…and this was a week after going to playa grande and listening to the park ranger harp on how endangered these things are for a full hour. Course they have to get that point across to justify the incredibly high prices they want to charge for you to see one…in the “wild”.

  2. hkhuhn said:

    Of course I didn’t pay to see the Baulas but there is alot of suckers who do. They probably keep one tied up and let him off when there is enough paying customers. Ticos are not environmentaly aware at all they just want those who are to brin cash!! Look at the mountains of trash on the side of the highway, they still clear jungle for wood! I dare you to swim at Jaco beach, I mean how much sewage does it take to get the ocean foam to be that brown and yellow?! Don’t worry when the environment runs out then they will be able to fall back on the prostitution industry. 😉

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