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Electricity to be Privatized in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Many that call Costa Rica home be it natives or expats have been screaming to start breaking up the government monopolies that seem to have no idea how to run a business efficiently.  They continually pass their mistakes and losses onto the consumers with no consequences as they have no competitors.

ice costa rica 1Competition generally favors the needs of consumers. If the electricity sector was opened up to private companies, our monthly bills might not hurt as much or at least the customer service would improve (Here’s hoping).

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae) is considering this option.

Specifically what’s in consideration is to raise the ceiling on the amount of private power generators allowed. Currently, these can’t exceed 15% of the total installed capacity of the National Electricity System.

There is a reason for the laws that cap privatization, which is to protect rivers and ensure safeguards. Otherwise one company might offer the lowest prices but cause environmental or social damage.

ICE generates 74% of our electricity now and the other 26% is from non-state cooperatives and generators. There are five new private generation projects and one more hoping to start-up in 2015.

Although we all know that change normally takes a while in Costa Rica and implementation of policy even longer……this is a step in the rigth direction and can only lead to good things down the road.

That being said do not expect that electricity bill to drop substantially in the near future.

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