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Electricity in Costa Rica From Solid Waste

Costa Rica News – The Ministry of Health is no longer standing in the way of municipalities burning solid waste to generate electricity.

burning solid waste for energyThis new technique allows the municipalities to get revenue while combating the problem of final waste treatment.

There was a ban on the practice imposed last June but now that more is known about it rules were drawn up to control pollution, toxic gas emissions, and damage to public health.

The rules include regulations about what types of waste can be processed by incineration and how the facilities and controls must be set up.

The plants can begin six months after the regulations were published.

A gasification plant can convert 45 tons into one megawatt. Still, communities worry about gases, odors, and traffic caused by garbage trucks. T

he landfills, however, are almost all at capacity so a new plan must be put in place.


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