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Electric Vehicles in Costa Rica Have Overcome Otto Guevara

Costa Rica News – The plan for electric vehicles has overcome the intended blockade of Otto Guevara.

The bill for the promotion of this type of transportation in the country moved passed the block and reached a consensus on some changes in the initiative.

The deputies of the Government and Administration Commission finally rejected the 421 motions that Guevara planted in front of the initiative to prevent its advance or try to include other technologies at the request of car importing companies.

The project’s intention is to exonerate taxes during a specific term for the technologies of electric vehicles.

This would be a way to encourage the importation and acquisition of this type of transportation that are expensive at the moment.

The vehicles that are priced below $30,000 will not have to pay a single tax, sales, customs or selective consumption. Those between that price and $45,000 will pay discounted taxes.

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