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Editorial Update on The Brad Deering Death

Costa Rica – Over a week has passed since the “home invasion” in Escazu and the death of Canadian Brad Deering in Costa Rica.  To no surprise to anyone no one has been charged with a crime nor or there any suspects being questioned. It is looking more and more likely this is going to remain an unsolved mystery…….but I enjoy throwing my opinion out there. 

brad deering death costa rica 1The one thing you are not hearing in Costa Rica nor in Canada is an outcry of people saying that Brad was an upstanding citizen and that this incident came out of no where. If you asked the public to be a character witness at his hypothetical trial, you are probably going to be greeted by silence and crickets chirping.  This was not someone that made any friends when it comes to business since his arrival in Costa Rica.

The life of Brad Deering in Costa Rica has been marked by him being involved in scam after scam.  These range from fake gold futures to fake oil deals to online pharmacies that did not ship and project. Each step along the way Brad scammed people for their money (hard earned or not) and continued to accrue debts to investors in his businesses.  It was well known that he had made quite a few enemies during his extended time in Costa Rica, some even resulting in violent altercations.

Scams are run each and everyday in Costa Rica. They range from real estate to commodities to sweepstakes scams.  They are run in Costa Rica because in most cases the SEC and Costa Rican authorities have a hard time tracking the money involved in these fraudulent schemes.  But there is a pretty well know rule……do not flaunt it and keep low key. This rule was not followed at all by Brad Deering.

Brad showed off his spending habits on facebook and in real life.  Expensive cars, prostitutes, drugs.  His “friends” were bottom of the barrel scum as well.  Brad had gotten to a point where he thought he would get away with this life forever, but it seems like one of the people he screwed decided that this world was better without him…..and honestly hearing all the stories and wrong doings this guy was involved in… do I.

Brad’s mom is no where to be found in Canada after multiple sources have tried to contact her…….really starts thoughts that perhaps she was either involved or knew what her son was up to. Perhaps she doesn’t want the same people coming after her.

With all the information that has now come to light about Brad Deering, I would expect the the legal authorities in Costa Rica to do the bear minimum when it comes to trying to find the people that killed Brad Deering.  If something is dropped in their lap then they will follow up but not much more than that.

For everyone worried about coming to Costa Rica, don’t be.  This a guy that was in the business of screwing over people and it finally caught up to him after 8 years in Costa Rica.

I know it might sound cold, but the world might actually be a better place without this guy. People are going to say “respect the dead”. Sorry but he did not respect the living when he was here, I do not need owe him any respect now.

Photos From Brad Deering’s Public Facebook Page

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