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Ecuador Pretends to Be Costa Rica to 40 Unknowing Tourists (Video)

Costa Rica News – The government of Ecuador officially apologized to Costa Rica for making a group of 40 Ecuadorian tourists believe they were in Costa Rica when actually they were still in Ecuador.

They promoted this lie using stamps, badges and signs.

They even went as far as to create fictitious immigration documents, transit signs and licence plates to make the group think they were in Golfito.

The South American country was making money off these tourists in their own country.

Light was shed on this when a YouTube video was released. Costa Rica was able to get the images before they were taken down.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Solano, spoke with Ecuadorian authorities regarding the situation and plans to send an official letter of protest to Ecuador even though it issued a note of apology.

Watch the Video Below of the Tourists Being Fooled

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