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Ecologist Says Scandals Affecting Costa Rica’s Green Image

San Jose, Costa Rica – The Crucitas mine scandal, the extraction of oil concessions and damage in the construction of the trail border represent a double standard for the green image of the country, said the environmental specialist, Nicolás Boeglin.

“What makes the country look so green to the world is promoting the device that make the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the National Chamber of Tourism ( Canatur ). The problem is that environmental scandals affect the effort and become a double standard, “said Boeglin today ADN Radio .

The specialist said that if a tourist comes to see “green” the country and realize that 97% of untreated water when he returns to his country so far to convey is a sense of frustration.

In addition, also criticized the limited access people’s economic engines for cars with hybrid and electric, environmentally friendly.

“The government has been willing to create a policy to replace the vehicle fleet, which is one of the most polluting to the environment, for cars and electric hybrid engines” Boeglin ended.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Promoting Costa Rica green is about 90% propaganda. Sure there are parks covering thousand of Kilometers all over. However, farmers, ranchers are cutting down trees at alarming rate. Environment that supporting 1.8 million (the other 2.4 million live outside) here in the valley alone with every toilet connected to the nearest river then to sea. 750,000 cars and trucks spewing it toxic fumes. Bribery and corruption in getting roads plowed though almond groves down south. right now it is every Tico and politician for themselves. be dammed we have any fish, sharks left .. CR is a sellout nation.

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