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Ebola Infected Dallas Patient Flew the Day Before Her Symptoms Started

World News – For all of those that think this Ebola virus is being contained. You might want to think again.  Being that symptoms for this virus can remain unseen even after you have been infected makes it impossible for CDC to contain.

ebola dallas nurse flightThe second Dallas nurse who contracted the Ebola virus while caring for a dying patient was on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas-Fort Worth on Oct. 13th,

This was just one day before she began developing symptoms of infection according to the infected woman.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the airline said they are trying to reach out to all 132 passengers who were aboard the flight. The CDC said in a statement the nurse showed no symptoms during the flight, according to crew members.

The CDC is urging all passengers from the flight to call a toll-free hotline 1 800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)

Let’s be honest, the CDC has zero control of this and the US government is showing incompetence by allowing flights into the USA from Africa right now.

Love him or Hate him Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head this morning when he posted on his facebook.

The CDC is out of control! 

A THIRD Ebola patient (second healthcare worker).

I am not a union guy, but THIS IS A CASE WHERE THE LABOR UNION IS NEEDED AGAINST A OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT. Don’t blame the private hospital, the nurses or the patients. Let’s fix it by admitting our government is incompetent.

Where are the emergency showers for the health care workers? (we saw them in practice right after 9.11 remember the scrub down tests). Why are they not here in Texas?

Where are the respirators for the HC workers? Heck, how about booties?ebola symptoms

Why are we not working and fast tracking ZMapp?

Why have we not shut down travel FROM West Africa? A UPS truck delivers packages and then returns back to its origin EMPTY.

Mr. Friedman needs to learn that airplanes can do the same thing. We can send help and isolate those who are returning.

Have we found Typhoid Mary? She is a man and she may be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (the CDC buck stops there, in fact all $2.5 billion on infectious disease control yet unspent THIS YEAR stops there. Who’s idea was it to spend $500B on bike paths from the infectious disease budget?)).

If Texas were Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton Texas would be marching and accusing DC of not caring about her. Is there a war on Texas? Is the administration “punishing her enemies”, as the president has repeatedly said he would do?

Is it simple yet massive incompetence? Is it because we won’t play Washington’s political reindeer games? Would the president be treating Ebola the same way if it were inner city Chicago? Would the CDC, the administration and congress be responding the same way if the outbreak happened in DC? If one of the patients was a senator? Doubtful.

Thank heavens we are not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. I ONLY write this to show the left how insane it is to point fingers at this point! Stop with the DNC ads for campaigns! Please let’s work together.

I do not want to assign blame, but I do want someone, ANYONE, to take responsibility and begin to secure our nation. This will effect all of us, left, right, rich and poor, black and white.

Maybe The Lord is using this to remind us that in the end we are all humans and we all need each other.

God help us ALL. United we stand – divided we fall.

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