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Early Costa Rican Christmas Gift; Gasoline Price Decrease (Still Too High)

Costa Rica News – Well after the increase in prices of gasoline when barrels of oil were going down about a month ago, it seems that the Costa Rican Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) is finally using its common sense again. Do not worry this is an exception to the rule, but still a good thing at this time.

The Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) approved a reduction in fuel prices that will rule next week, and one that will come as a Christmas gift for drivers. Cost of living in Costa Rica might go down a little. By the way there is sarcasm in that statement.

In the next week, the discount will be ¢17 a liter of super gasoline, ¢12 on the plus and ¢2 colones in diesel. Thus, the super liter pass ¢786 to ¢769, the plus¢748, ¢736 will, while diesel will go from ¢669 to ¢667.

The new prices in $s per gallon are the following. Based on 500 colones per $ and 3.78 liters per gallon.


Super – $5.81 a gallon down from $5.94  

Plus –  $5.56 a gallon down from $5.65

Diesel – $5.04 a gallon down from $5.06

All of these prices are higher than most places in the USA,  just an FYI.

United States v/s Costa Rica United States
Average ($)
Costa Rica
Average ($)
Average Gross National Income (per capita) $47,390

The new prices will be in place  the day following its publication in the official Gazette , which would occur next week, according to  Aresep.

However, the best news is Aresep given by the projected decline for December, when premium gasoline will fall by ¢79 per liter, plus ¢69 and ¢25 on diesel. This is the biggest change in the price of oil this year, characterized by increases. This will actually help, to get it to levels near those in the USA.

This gift would drivers in mid-December. The Aresep begin today the process, including public consultation and subsequent approval.

The losses are due to the movement of prices in the international market, which have reported declines since October. Also considered is the exchange rate of the dollar vs colon.

The Aresep change is based on the average price of finished products that are registered in the international market. According to that entity, from September to October of premium petrol per barrel decreased by $5, from $138 to $ 133. Meanwhile, plus gasoline fell from $ 132 to $ 129.

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