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Drug Trafficker Will NOT be Extradited to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – You cannot really blame Spain for not wanting to send one of it’s citizens to Costa Rica to be tried for drug trafficking. Costa Rica’s legal system and the underlying pay offs and favors that drug traffickers seem to get in the country, makes you wonder if it would be a impartial trial.

Jose Garcia Molla drug trafficking Mr. Jose Garcia Molla is accused of trafficking at least 668 kilograms of cocaine. This has lead to an international warrant for his arrest. He was found in Spain, but there is a twist in the story.

Spain is refusing, as of yesterday, to extradite him to Costa Rica, where he is accused of international drug trafficking. The Spanish authorities are asking for the documents related to the case. They’d like to try him in Spain, where he was arrested and has been in custody since January 28th, 2013.

Being that he is from Spain, they don’t want to send him out of the country. In the past, Costa Rica has cooperated with Spain and even made an arrest and extradited another person to Spain.

Costa Rica is particularly interested in the case because he supposedly endangered public health by housing that amount of cocaine in a hotel room. If he is tried in Costa Rica, he can face 20 years in prison.

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